How Volume Licensing Works

Volume Licensing provides an easy and affordable way for an organization to acquire and run software on multiple computers. It is a flexible and economical way to acquire from five to thousands of licenses for software and provides numerous payment options.

Microsoft Volume Licensing programs provide substantial savings over Full-Packaged Product (Boxed software) due to volume purchases and as it eliminates media (the CD-ROM or DVD), user’s guide and other Packaging items which organizations may not need in multiple quantities.

  • In the case of some Volume Licensing programs, you may also purchase Software Assurance. This comprehensive maintenance offering can help you maximize returns on your software investment.
  • Software Assurance combines the latest software with phone support, partner services, training, and IT tools. You can choose Software Assurance at the time of purchase and begin using your benefits immediately for the term of your license agreement.
  • Depending on the Volume Licensing program you choose, you may receive media, Volume Licensing also offers you the option of downloading software or ordering volume License media (or supplemental media), documentation, and product support.
  • Volume License media offers you the advantage to deploy software on multiple machines using imaging and the volume License keys for any additional Licenses that you may have purchased.
  • Volume Licensing offers customers benefits that outweigh those offered by Full Packaged Product, or FPP, and Original Equipment manufacturer, or OEM, licensing solutions.

Keys to Understanding Microsoft Volume Licensing

The key to understanding and selecting the optimal licensing options for you organizations is to evaluate your needs based on the major characteristics of Volume Licensing policies and programs. Areas for consideration include:
  • The size and type of your organization
  • The Primary Function of the organization
  • The products you want to license
  • The way in which you want to use those products
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  • Attractive Pricing, Cost Savings
  • Simplified License Management
  • Minimal Paperwork, Easy to Manage
  • Automatic Compliance Management Options
  • Image Based Installations for Faster Deployment
  • Predictable Cost & Cash flow Options
  • Flexibility of Software licensing acquisition
  • Online License Management / Asset-tracking
  • Additional Use Rights
  • Software Assurance for enhanced value
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