Benefits of Genuine Software

Opportunities are growing and so is competition, companies the world over are looking for partners which are trustworthy, follow the right standards and possess the capabilities to offer world class services.

The only way you can build that trust and become a preferred partner is by following the right standards. Standards are not just about certifications they are the best practices of our business.

There are already many global standards you follow. Registration as a corporate entity, audited accounts, filing of taxes and statutory requirements, personnel policies aligned with law…(Original Software is also a business standard and must be followed)

Software forms the backbone of you communication with your customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Following the right standards in software is critical to your business and you cannot afford to compromise on this standard. Failure in software can have serious business implications.

Genuine Microsoft Software comes with a number of benefits:
Peace of Mind: With properly licensed software and support from Microsoft, you establish that your company runs on global business standards. You also avoid doubts about quality and concerns about legal issues for your company.
Value Beyond Software: Original Microsoft Software makes you eligible for special offers and product enhancements under the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) and Office Genuine Advantage (OGA) programs.
Free from Defects: Original Software is free from defects, malware, and spyware that is dangerous for your business and your reputation with partners and customers.
Studies have shown that:
“59% of all cracks downloaded from per-to-peer networks contain malicious or unwanted software. The Study also reveals that the savings from pirated software can be wiped out by a single security breach”
-- The Risks of Obtaining and Using Pirated Software IDC
“A 10-point drop in India’s piracy rate could create 115,000 new IT jobs and pump $ 5.9 billion into the economy. It could also increase industry revenues by more than $5 billion.”
-- BSA Study
Original Microsoft Software for your business requirements
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Microsoft Windows Vista
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